Modern reviews are less positive. And although this dream-team altogether looks quite promising, this album is basically much more of a MacAlpine thing, as most of the songs seem to be his compositions, and like in his albums, the drums and bass simply fullfill their instrumental needs, but still at a good level. It vividly skirts the border between intensity and accessibility, and offers an accurate crossroads of where most of these guys’ careers were at in this one moment. Burlington, Ontario , Canada: Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal. Rob Rock is known for fronting his many solo offerings of traditional Christian metal, but he’s also fronted a great number of other bands like Driver related to this, of course , Warrior, Impelliteri, and Axel Rudi Pell. Andy Hinds at AllMusic wrote that “while it masquerades as a Whitesnake -styled group effort, Project:

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Cover art by Guy Aitchison. It’s an image that could scar a man for life, and while I’d be willing its horrid grasp slip free and laugh the band down to oblivion, they did produce this one, decent album called Project: Driver m.a.r.s.bane was released through Shrapnel Records inand the sound had some similarity to other Shrapnel acts like Vicious Rumors, Cacophony, Racer X, and Apocrypha, that being in the thick and hollow tone of the guitars, projectt lead guitar capabilities and melodic vocals.

The great production and keyboard touches in this one add to the epicness while the lyrics evoke plenty of emotion. The song immediately starts with an explosive intro riff which would be followed by a quite intense speed metal discharge in which the Rock’s high-pitched vocals perfectly fit the energy displayed by the m.a.r.s.ban on this song.


Rob Rock is known for fronting his many solo offerings of traditional M.a.r.s.bqnd metal, but he’s also fronted a great number of other bands like Driver related to this, of courseWarrior, Impelliteri, and Axel Rudi Pell. Of course, there is also MacAlpine, whose leads pepper the album like whorls of pronect on a brisk, breezy autumn afternoon, occasionally self effacing through excess indulgence, but just as often kicking asses to the moon they could always climb back via his hair.


The vocals, in fact, are my favorite part of this album, and perhaps some of m.a.r.s.badn best in Rock’s entire career. Unfortunately, the formula of the band did not seem to work appropriately, as they only recorded this release, nonetheless, the high quality of the music played herein outweighed by far their deficiencies as projcet team, and that’s why the album could be considered as a great work.

Of course this is recommended for die-hard fans of the 80’s power metal sound, and those who want a rarity in their collections. Languages Italiano Nederlands Edit links.

Burlington, OntarioCanada: Rob Rock is again on form in this phenomenal piece which has a distinct Judas Priest-esque feel to it. After the release of the successful “Edge of Insanity”Tony MacAlpine became part of an interesting project named M.

Tony MacAlpine is not only a noted shredder of his own right, but has also performed with others like Vinnie Moore, Joey Tafolla, and more recently the band Ring of Fire.

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Views Read Edit View history. Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal. Andy Hinds at AllMusic wrote that “while it masquerades as a Whitesnake -styled group effort, Project: It’s not a stretch to guess that the acronym M. Even though the ballad “Nostradamus” calmed all the intensity, it is still having the mystique vibe of the preceding songs. Archived from the original on 10 April Following the line of the white collar USPM, the album has speedish, proggy, and sweet moments, which are arranged in a quite contrasting fashion.


Although Side B is much m.a.r.s.band hair oriented i. Driver is absolutely worth the pain in tracking down if you enjoy other Shrapnel efforts, in particular pproject Cacophony pair-up of Jackson Becker and Marty Friedman, or the first two records by Vicious Rumors. If you’re seeking cheese, though, these elements also pervade the experience, like the crunchy radio friendly rock of “Fantasy” or the aforementioned progressive power ballad “You And I”, which delights despite itself thanks to the scintillating clean guitars and Rob Rock’s orbiting melodic gravity.

Tony MacAlpine Official Website. He’s also got that commercial appeal that the band are mixing in here with the more serious, fast paced traditional metal, and without his charisma, the record might have been something far less.

You don’t need to be some Guitar “whatever” magazine subscriber who hangs out at the local instrument shop far too often for his own sake to appreciate it, since the shredding is far from omnipresent. The Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal: There are similarities to Leatherwolf and Racer X with progressive touches here and there for good measure.

The substitution or omission of the colon is due to technical restrictions. This page was last edited on 18 Julyat In this case, ‘chic’ of course means ‘retarded’, and even Tony MacAlpine cannot pull off this hairstyle.

Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Driver is a studio album by the heavy metal supergroup M.