Stability is the 1 priority over performance. Thus, we will be avoiding duplicate incoming emails, and we will not lose track of the email thread. Or is there a way I keep it running at 16x, while my other slots run at 8x and 4x? Another scenario I can picture is my main nVidia graphics card in the 16x slot, an older nVidia graphics card in the 8x more for adding extra monitors than adding extra GPU power , and a Firewire or eSATA multiplier in the 4x slot. Check out specs on:

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Another scenario I can picture is my main nVidia graphics card in the 16x slot, an older nVidia graphics card in the 8x more for adding extra monitors than adding extra GPU powerand a Firewire or eSATA multiplier in the 4x slot.

Intel DXBX2 Desktop Motherboard Review :: Intel DXBX2 Features ::

I use a graphics card in the PCI-E 16x slot. I always get the same answear. If the previous procedure does not work please provide the full system configuration that you have that will include: So lets hope for an upcoming bios update, but the technical support at the telephone sounds like he would think about my problem only: In fact pretty much every non-essential technology has been disabled. In other words, of the 16 available X PCI-E lanes, can I allow 12 for the graphics card, and 4 for a secondary card?


If yes, could you tell us why the suggested solutions did not enable you to resolve your problem, and how you think we could make them more effective?

Now I will make every day a call to the nice Intel Support Hotline until there will be a fix. If you did not receive a previous e-mail with web links and suggested solutions, eevice you like to provide any other feedback on how our web site could more effectively aid you in finding answers to your questions?

Never been able to figure it out as no conflicts appear Any favorable response from Intel yet?

This time i had such a luck that the support person did not unterstand me? I just want things to work. Maybe a BIOS problem?

Intel D975XBX2 Desktop Motherboard Review :: Intel D975XBX2 Features

Lets say I add two more cards 9d75xbx2 may well happen: But if you’re not using Crossfire, are you still forced into 8x 8x 4x if you use all three connectors?

There was not yellow bang. Legit Reviews Computer Hardware: Both chipset drivers have been installed: If I were to do that, would the graphics card in the first slot automatically drop to 8x? Because there’s two video cards here, I have the same question, am I forced into 8x 8x 4x, or can I still operate at 16x 8x 4x?

IntelĀ® Desktop Board D975XBX2

And again a few days have passed without any new info from the Intel technical support. The X chipset is showing its age here with a small total lane capability.

Today I contaced the Intel support again. After looking at the different windows systems logs there was also no kind of problem.


Thinking about going under water too. The only thing I was understanding that the support case has the status escalated so intel is trying to fix the problme with a 3thrd support company!

Support for IntelĀ® Desktop Board DXBX2

After getting cut off, the next support representative took all information including the specifics of the error and possible link to the same issue on the XBX. Reviews – Facts – Issues Skip to content.

Are there other X boards with more lanes, or would I have to go with an SLI board for additional lanes? Windows Vista also has a conflict. If you do not wish to participate, simply delete the survey email. Did you receive a previous response to your e-mail message containing suggested web solutions to help you resolve your problem?

Do you put these intell just to make us give up? On Thu Apr 19 0: Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. If you reside outside North America, you can access the following web site for an Intel R Technical Support phone number at a location near you: