If it has, then it reports the error that you are seeing. Message 6 of 8. The above vi seems to be locked. The trouble is the bead solution has no “adoption” and you will need to develope a driver for it. Message 8 of I would really appreciate any suggestions on alternative ways or any feedback on why the aforementioned two don’t work!!!

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Most Active Software Boards: Just like the prologix site says, if the driver uses GPIB calls, you will have to replace all of them with serial functions. Jeff explains cost vs price.

Solved: issues about hpb driver – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Once again, thank you very much for your help! Despite the fact that it’s a small change, the system doesn’t work either. Message 4 of If an error occurs do the HP VIs execute? Most Active Software Boards: The two devices, of course, will implement these functions entirely differently, but you can “hide” that level of detail within a sub-VI called hp414b Device” that might have, as a parameter, the device you plan to use. I have to do with this.

Getting GPIB Error Wait for Interruppt – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Message 2 of Message 5 of It’s better for you create one new application with the respective drivers and start from there. Good thing you saved so much money on buying that controller. I didn’t understand yesterday what you wrote about the cable but I get it now.


Message 6 of The instrument has a built in current limit function. This seems like a great example of someone looking at price and imagining that the cost of hardware is even remotley related to the price of integrating that same hardware into a system. Sometimes the program will run fine with no errors, but most of the time It’ll read a few data points from the pA-meter and then generate an error. A “” error occurs–for whatever reason that I’m not sure of yet–only labvies an error did NOT occur previously.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hp4140b Power Supply

I’ve set up the required configuration for this combined measurement and it works properly no remote control-without labview. Let me look some more labvied least I’ll know it if I find it Message 8 of 8. It doesn’t turn off the voltage but will limit the total power delivered to the DUT.

Things are starting to get messy. I used Prologix example progam and HPB example program to control my instrument.


Try it with each one individually to try and narrow down with instrument is causing the error or if it is only a combination of them. Thank you so much for your time and patience!!! I don’t think I have to do something special for the configuration of the instrument address.

If the driver uses VISA, then perhaps you just need to add a termination character to your writes. Hp4140bb 3 of Message 8 of If nothing else on the main VI front panel maters while the process is running, you can have the subVI panel open when called and close again when finished.

I have tried two approaches: I have been able to get it running, basically by means of something similar to what I had referred to in my initial post as alternative 2and by choosing different values for the hold time and the step delay time which were causing the time out errors.

Message 10 of