Nothing seems to have worked. Will try to check this again when I return home from work but that was the experience I had previously. Please me help me make my 5. Get tech support here. Finished reading the rest. Makes a huge difference in downloading of updates too!

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Do you have codecs installed?.

In the past I ran my sound directly out the onboard sound card which being very basic only offered stereo sound. Integrating a high resolution digital mixer the VIA Envy24 enables up to 20 channels of mixing power. If possible, I’d like to request a driver for this chipset, which my soundcard is Device name: I did install the codecs you mentioned.

Can anyone please help me get the full 5. Nothing seems to controllef muted that I can tell in alsamixer when I switch over to the other outputs but I definitely lack audio. Screenshot of alsamixer to prove that nothing is muted.

Information about Gentoo not using NVidia’s driver: Finished reading the rest. VIA recommends that you use the driver provided by your motherboard manufacturer or sound card manufacturer whenever possible. Makes a huge difference in downloading of updates too! Have you tried any of the other settings shown in your 2nd pic?


All your printouts indicate that the card is working so it can only be a switch somewhere; or the wrong socket!. I went ahead and made the changes to daemon.

VIA VT1720 Envy24PT sound drivers for Microsoft Windows 7 32bit (1 files)

Again I appreciate your having taken the time to try and help. Have blown multi-cyannel my Windows 7 install in anticipation of getting this to work, am now running Ubuntu-Mate Nothing has changed in them since we began. Take a look here but remember what you do!: OK, so you’ve got a tuner and drivers are loaded for it. Device ec Kernel driver in.

Just checked it and despite pulseaudio showing something on the meter while attempting to test speakers which again only show as stereo there was no audio output in the other settings. Unfortunately pulse audio still insisted on not seeing the card as anything more powerful than 2. In Win7 everything works but the system is a dog with that much code running all the time and various configuration issues with Kodi the media center formerly known as XBMC are driving me up a wall.

Stereo Expander to experience 2-channel formats using a full speaker set-up. Now I was able to get stereo 2.


[ubuntu] No Sound – Via Envy24PT/HT

Hi, somewhere there is a switch which is preventing it from working!. This feature is aimed specifically for monitoring final outputs, and making master copies for budget conscious studios.

The ICE drivers necessary for this sound card are present. VIA Vinyl Envy24 controllers: Nothing seems to have worked. Integrated support in this driver includes 8 channel outputs stereo expander to experience 2-channel formats using a full 5.

Here’s other similar drivers that are different versions or releases for different operating systems: Motherboard and sound card manufacturers adapt VIA hardware and software in their designs; however, so VIA advises that for the best quality and features, you should obtain the latest driver from your sound card or motherboard vendor.

Sorry to say that apart from that, I am all out of ideas, I cannot tell you anything more as I only have a basic speaker setup and can only refer you to more pages:.