Sorry this didn’t help. Real WW II aircraft were overpowered, high performance military machines designed to accomplish a specific wartime mission. I would recommend you wait until the rumored patch becomes available and reevaluate the purchase then. To fix this problem, raise the Image Quality setting in the Display Options dialog box. The default location is C: It would also improve the value of multiplayer by allowing users to create and fly their own personal missions for use in the CFS3 cooperative Multiplayer mode. I wonder how many people involved in making these games have any real-life military experience?

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Fuck you, ATI! (starring Combat Flight Sim 3) – Games – Quarter To Three Forums

I request you to check if all the Windows updates and drivers are installed properly. Like I was saying to ciparis in the other thread.

There is no indigenous mission builder capability in CFS3. Amit Kumar Replied on November 21, I hope this helps you. Open up the CFS3 Configuration application. Ambiance and Immersion Factor: I tried reinstalling under different compatibility settings and tried the compatibility troubleshooter, nothing worked. Select the Window menu. So basically if you have a you must turn off anti-aliasing and advanced filtering. To fix this problem, download the newest Windows compatible drivers for your video card.


Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 and Windows 10

Both for convenience and because some games have copy. Click the Custom Settings option. I have attempted to run the program in compatibility mode as an administrator, but the program will not open. In-Game Animations Certain animations, such as propeller spin, cf3 not work when you are in a gunner position and use the external view.

The shortcomings that I have noted do not necessarily mean CFS3 is not worth your time. And from Microsoft Games Insider: Nvdiia installed and ran… but I could literally count the frames. The sound I heard was difficult to describe exactly.

Combat Flight Simulator 3 Page 2

Dumb as a box of rocks… and that is probably a generous characterization! A workaround for this is to disable composite textures using the CFS3Config application, though this will degrade overall appearance of the terrain.

Uncheck the “Dual Pass Render” option if it is checked. The high AOA and departure characteristics are even less accurate, they are so mild as to be fool proof.

The graphics are great and vnidia has a fair amount of fun factor as is; just make sure you have a powerful enough computer to run it before you drop the cash. Thanks for marking this as the answer.


The big exception is the engine sounds.

Combat Flight Simulator 3. Once I got it properly configured the game ran great with no abnormal problems. How satisfied are you with this reply?

I might buy a radeon if the drivers get better… based on reports that is. The Cockpit graphics are more controversial. Just got Combat Flight Simulator 3 this morning.

The compatibility error if you are getting errors relating to compatibility or ‘run as admin’ is a nonsense. Actually, Nnvidia was referring to ciparis in the video card thread. That is hard to explain exactly, it is not any one specific thing. My GeForce 3 Ti is working just fine with all the games I own. Note that this will disable your ability to preview aircraft before you fly.