There are several ways to obtain an instance of BsonValue:. Here are some more: NET types to BsonValue: It contains advanced ways of getting a database and pushing a sequence of operations through a single socket in order to guarantee consistency. The unit tests depend on NUnit 2. This is a traditional step by step method to create and populate a document using multiple C statements.

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MongoCursor(TDocument) Class

The TDocument class must have an Id member to be used with the Save method. Update the MainAsync method with the following:. Most of the time we don’t mohgocursor to retrieve all documents, but rather specify a filter that returns documents matching that particular filter. You refer to these instances using the static Value property of each class: The driver also overloaded 3 operators for the filter definition.

[mongodb-user] C# driver: Casting MongoCursor to IEnumerable

Murray Long Jan 17, at 8: Release mpngocursor if you also want to run unit tests for Release builds. Update queryupdate. The Save method is a combination of Insert and Update. The exact location of the nunit.


MongoDB C# Driver Cheat Sheet — LayerWorks

It is defined as: GetDatabase “salaries”credentials. IdGenerators ; using MongoDB. FindOne is the simplest. ObjectId “cadc9fe50c9f””FirstName”: Note that the Add method takes a single parameter.

Working with MongoDB in .NET (Part 2): Retrieving Documents with Filter Clause

Using BsonDocument or string We can define a BsonDocument as a filter and the query will find documents matching the fields defined in the document. Bson ; using MongoDB. Murray Long Have figured this out I think.

I have a cursor which contains at mongocurslr one element: There are extension methods on the IAsyncCursor available to do this. On Thursday, January 17, 3: Create a new document and call Add and Set methods. The advantage of using the static Create methods is that they can return a pre-created instance for frequently used values. NET types to BsonValue: IMongoQuery is a marker interface that identifies classes that can be used as queries. Only if you enumerate the cursor manually are you responsible for calling Dispose.


Instead they return a cursor that can be enumerated to retrieve the results of the query.

It can be downloaded from: It depends on the query. See also the To[Type] methods which do conversions, and the Is[Type] properties which you can use to query the type of a BsonValue before attempting to use one of the Mongocirsor properties.

Update your code with the following. The Update method is used to update existing documents.

It applies to the following MongoCollection methods: The Find and FindAs methods take a query that tells the server which documents to return. FirstOrDefaultAsync ; This looks neat and shorter, code-wise, but what it does is force all the documents to live in-memory.