This text accompanies the wallpaper on the site: That art is awesome! Goblins are awesome lets hope another great little green guy to add to the ranks. I doubt its going to be any good. Where are they lacking in design space? Follow me on Twitter:

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Semi-Comprehensive Sunforger Spell List. For the art it looks like it have haste, for the name maybe a new lord goblin http: Wagdriver would only pump Goblins, not all of your guys. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

Copyright c Planeswalker’s Library Ltd. The Gathering Khans of Tarkir set.

Goblins are awesome lets hope another great wafdriver green guy to add to the ranks. Last edited by viperesque: A sidenote; anybody else reminded of Panzer Dragoon when they see him?

That art is awesome! Any spam or trolling posts will be removed.

Goblin Grenade (Masters Edition) – Gatherer – Magic: The Gathering

I’ll eat my boots. This text accompanies the wallpaper on the site: Toggle navigation Planeswalker’s Library. We promise we don’t have any annoying javascript pop-ups and we don’t use javascript for tracking purposes. Please be respectful of others.


Goblin Grenade (Fallen Empires) – Gatherer – Magic: The Gathering

I want the Taller and leaner goblins back! Others who bought Goblin Wardriver also bought Something with attacking, going by the short story and the war-driver name.

Feel free to post any comments or questions you have on Goblin Wardriver. The subject isn’t large enough to be a rare creature though this could be an extension of the art that will appear on the card, wzrdriver I could be wrong. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Many features of this site require Javascript to fuction properly. WotC is probably starting to feel a bit guilty about giving control such magkc shiny toy in Jace, and they might be looking to spread the love to let the pendulum swing back a bit.

Chippy, you’ve moved up in my list of favorite artists.

Watch the people at Wizards jinx it onto a horrible card like they do with all promotional fodder they hand out. His wordless shriek is joined by the battle-cries of the men and now we are one resolve, one purpose. Sets Goblin Wardriver is in. In the Mirrodin site theres a wallpaper of a future card called goblin wardriver.


Goblin Wardriver

It really looks sincerely imposing; this is a creature fighting his heart out for his home, yet also somehow goofy. We are the tide of destruction, and our enemies will not escape.

The only thing the deck doesn’t have is a stand alone threat Repeat offenders may be banned. The art is nice. Cute little guy, looks mavic psychotic.