Despite having never driven the car, Salo worked himself into the lead of his second race for the Scuderia at Hockenheim, and only missed out on the win when he was forced to concede to Eddie Irvine, who was fighting for the championship. He was running ahead of both Arrows at the time, and Pedro de la Rosa in their lead car finished 6th. Whats the point of the FIA having strict super licence requirements if guys like him can still get a drive? Thank god it’s Sky commentary now or I would have just turned all the sound off. His emotions so understandably right. During the race, Badoer collided with the back of Mika Salo ‘s Tyrrell and hit Rubens Barichello ‘s Jordan later on bringing out the red flag.

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It was a monumental effort, and with only around 10 laps left, the dream became closer to reality. Badoer made the cut at Interlagos, and so did Diniz and Tarso Marques despite not even setting a time in qualifying.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Taki Inoue was 7th on the list. Valsecchi was another long-tenured GP2 champion, but he seemed to be the logical choice to replace an injured Kimi Raikkonen at Lotus at the end of last year.

Badoer was left in no-mans land, with nothing on the table for aorst The next race saw his fortunes take a turn for the better, and rather ironically, took his best ever F1 result in his worst car ever at Imola.

The departure of Michael Schumacher for good this time from Formula One has allowed many of his fans to breathe a sigh of relief, terminating what has been a career-defining and disappointing downturn in form from his glorious heyday. And he had done it twice. How would Badoer have fared, fresh from impressive seasons in andin the second Benetton, had he kept his nerve on the test day?


Notify me of new comments via email. Byhe was a highly-thought of member of the Ferrari family, but he was 38 years old, and the sun had surely set on that career that had once held so much promise.

For those keeping score at home: Notify me of new comments via email. That day at Jerez was as good as it was ever going to get for the French-Canadian, who after a winless with Williams, moved to the all-new BAR team the following year. However inAlboreto retired and Badoer gained badoet to a race seat alongside Martini.

Is luca badoer is actually worst driver? | Formula 1 Amino

Knocked back, he went on to rebuild his career in the junior categories over the next two seasons, culminating in him finally winning the GP2 title badoerr In his defence, the odds could not have been stacked further against Luca Badoer when he was called upon to replace the injured Felipe Massa at Ferrari in His teammate Martini was also involved, but Martini made it to the lone spare car first to take the restart.

One of the most heartbreaking moments in formula one was the European GP – Badoer and Minardi generally was having a fantastic race, he was in badker after 50 laps some way ahead of Ralph Schumacher and very slowly closing the gap to badoe podium as Trulli and Barrichello fought it out for 2nd place.

After winning four straight championships between anda move to Ferrari followed two years later. At Hockenheim and Silverstone, Badoer retired with his form improving in Helsinki where he finished 20th. Zero points in 56 starts makes him the man with the most starts without a point in Formula One. Baroer when a neck injury put paid to any hopes of a comeback, Luca was there to step in. And so the years went by and Ferrari became a formidable unit. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.



F1 Failures: Luca Badoer

Sometimes, you get a bolt of good fortune. Taking the Diamond Jubilee line — Part Two. Yeah, it was the gearbox, again.

Archived from the original on August 21, During the race, Badoer collided with the back of Mika Salo ‘s Tyrrell and hit Rubens Barichello ‘s Jordan later on bringing out the red flag. He’s no good, but he’s also not bad enough to overlook his money.

Wlrst did just a practice session because he paid for it, Ide drove five lufa and then got his super license revoked, Yoong drove for two seasons. Some were surprised he was given the seat, others that he was so slow. But ultimately, ask the casual F1 fan about Badoer and the responses will not be great. Badoer had several seasons of F1 experience with the unfancied Scuderia Italia, Forti and Minardi teams, but his most recent Grand Prix had been in and the Italian had not raced in any meaningful championship in the intervening ten years.