By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Titus Fortner on November 7, This is another major performance release. You probably should also remove or at least update the Selenium-WebDriver requirement. Like what I posted in your blog, I want to use visible locators.

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The equivalent functionality in Python has also been released in Nerodia 0. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Titus Fortner on August 3, Titus Fortner on July 24, Only runtime dependency for this is “selenium-webdriver”.

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In other words, change: Live Testing Remote testing on any browser with mouse and keyboard.


ruby – how to update gemfile to only install watir – Stack Overflow

To run your existing tests on TestingBot, your tests will need to be configured to use the TestingBot remote machines. Titus Fortner on December 16, Try latest version of watir rubygems.

Improved Watir wait syntax, and a few minor fixes. If the test was running on your local machine or network, you can simply change your existing test like this:. Thx for the info, I am learning new things all the time.

How should I edit my gemfile? I updated my gems using bundle.

I will discuss with my team as to when we update to watir 6. Select a Platform Windows 8.

Sign up using Facebook. Titus Fortner on September 13, Both are runtime dependencies of the watir gem, so of course, they would be installed automatically. Suggest posting the code where that error pops up as a separate question here. So it would be good to resolve what is causing it, and how to correct the error. Titus Fortner on July 23, We offer many other test optionsfor example: I want to only want watir installed.


Run Watir WebDriver tests on our Grid

Titus Fortner on September 11, Three new contributors to Watir and several great watir-webdrivver features available. This is my gemfile: To see how to do this please select a combination of browser version and platform in the drop-down menus below. Assuming you run the tunnel on the same machine you run your tests, change to ‘localhost: A couple new methods, a couple bug fixes, a major style overhaul, and a new contributor. Email Required, but never shown.

Say hello to WatirPump Versiin Reading However, updating to watir 6.