Connecting the earth wire to an object not approved for the purpose may cause explosion or electric shock. Remove the two screws T then remove the main board g. Toner f on the developing roller b is given a positive charge. Because of sunlight and humidity. Harness S scanner unit and engine board KP Engine board KP and scanner unit replace at the same time FS 11 – Laser scanner unit Pin photo diode sensor error Meaning Suggested causes Corrective action Laser beam detection failed. Refer to Repetitive defects gauge.

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Replace the power supply unit. FS 3 Sensor board Paper gauge sensing circuit Paper gauge operates in four levels of paper remaining in the cassette. Toner low TK Replace the toner container using a fe-3290 toner kit. View our privacy policy before signing up.

Check the transfer roller. Ready The printer is ready to print. Close the left cover 3. From the previous page S: Try adjusting the print density using the Remote operation panel utility. Remove the main board g by removing the two plated screws s.


It is also koycera to order by phone should you not wish to do so via the website for any reason. You are downloading oyocera software.

Kyocera Ecosys FS 1030 toner cartridges

NOTE Availability of the following memory cards CompactFlashmanufacturers, and specifications may change without notice. Pull the cleaning knob green colored 2 slowly in and out a few times. Turn the paper transfer unit T over.

Replace main board system DIMM [board]. The specific action required is shown inside the fa-3290. Ready 3 At the DOS prompt, send the following command to the printer: Unlatch two hooks 5. The drum unit will have to be replaced if it bears values far out of the allowable range. The magnetic blade 5 to which an auxiliary magnet piece e is attached is positioned approximately 0.

Open the left cover 3 and install the waste toner box 2 so that it is properly seated in the area under the drum unit. The FS is no exception. NOTE The grid cleaner pad is impregnated with water. Check the transfer roller installation.

Kyocera Ecosys FS toner cartridges | High quality compatible cartridges at low prices | UK

Top Quality products with exceptional customer service. Figure Removing the transfer roller FS Removing the controller unit and the principal circuit boards 1 Removing and opening the controller unit 1.


Remove the operator panel. If you draw the connector while it is A slanted, the receptacle may be damaged. Improper installation between printer and option duplexer, or each option unit. If the status page is printed satisfactorily, setup kyocerq complete. The grid cleaner is not reusable. Fss-3290 unpacking, place the box containing the printer on a flat, stable surface.

A on-line help message appears. Observe the laser radiation warning and figures when handling the laser scanner unit. Fs-2390 and check for continuity of fuser board KP- 7 5 6 connectors terminals; across the pin 2 of connector YC and pin 2 of connector YC