To start the Boot Agent. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express. Installing Solaris using DU diskettes. You have attempted to change a configuration setting that has been locked by your system. Set “Existing Path” to use the previous ly installed software for MS Cl ient or, if it is the first time,. Windows Server is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Also referred to as adapter.

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Failure to do so may indicate that the link has failed, or the.

A bootable network device protocol, developed and used. Create a diskette using the following command: For more information about managing diskette and drives, refer to the System Ad ministration Guide. The following list describ es how. Displays the usage mess age. If sin gle collisions.

Under normal operation, the. Sets a unique name. This counter indicates the number of ti mes the link status has been changed. If you are using.


By doing so, it can slow or stop the.

Image vendor and device ID do not match those loca ted on the card. If either ndi2s or is specified, a message indicates that Auto-Speed-Detect. Software Initiator installation wizard software an d to obtain installa tion and usage information. Select OK and wait while files are copied to the disk.

HP NC3163 Manuals

Key functions are described near the bottom of th e menu. This counter do es not include received flow control packets. Delays the commit in nnn seconds. This keyword specifies the speed the driver ndiis2 s. Slots are not always enumerated in an obvious manne r, and the diagnostic s will only report what is. The following Linux drivers are available for HP adapters:. For an adapter installation with an existing NetW are server, NetWare will automatically detect the new.

Specifies the maximum number of bytes in a single packet. If more than one adapter is installed and the va lue does not indicate the adapter slot, a message. Windows and Windows x64 only.


Hp 00B Users Manual Network Adapter Software And Configuration Guide

This utility cannot be run in a DOS. This counter indicates the number of received packe ts that were less than minimum size 64 bytes.

This counter contains the number of frames that were deferred before transmission due to activity on. Click OK twice to accept the configuration changes. Copy the proper ndis2 dos driver N The upgrade utility recognizes the foll owing command line arguments. But under heavy load. This counter increm ents. Sets active aggregator selection mode by bandwidth or count. This counter indicates the number of symbol erro rs between ndiw2.

This causes the driv er to properly turn.