I picked this up at an estate sale. Modified Item see all. The market grew rapidly in the mids, and as the Smartmodem was the only truly “universal” modem on the market, Hayes grew to take over much of the market. As a result of this shift, there was no real need to limit the user to the speed of the long-distance lines, giving the Bell companies flexibility in terms of what to install at the user’s site. Several solutions to the problem were studied, and in the end Heatherington decided the only practical one was to have the modem operate in two modes.

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Hayes Microcomputer Products was a U. Buying Format see all.

Hayes Microcomputer Products

There needed to be some way to indicate that the characters flowing out from the computer to the modem were not simply additional data to be sent to the far end, but commands to be acted on. Their attention turned to Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ADSLwhich ran over the existing wiring and did not block a telephone connection in the process.

Additionally, the rise of the Internet in the mids made point-to-point communications far less interesting. At that price point, Hayes could build a “Cadillac of modems”, using high-quality components, an extruded aluminum case, and an acrylic front panel with a number of LED indicators.

When this was received from the computer, the modem would switch from data to command mode. Hayes was never able to re-establish itself as a market leader through this era.

What was needed was a single modem that could do it all; connect directly to the phone, answer incoming calls, dial numbers to initiate outgoing calls, and hang up when the call was complete. Today almost all modems use a variant of the Hayes command set. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Item Location see all. Since these characters could be sent to the modem using the same 960 data pins that the port would need anyway, they could be sure that such a system would haues on every computer.


Defunct computer companies of the United States Defunct computer hardware companies Modems Telecommunications equipment vendors Computer companies established in Electronics companies established in Manufacturing companies established in Manufacturing companies disestablished in Companies that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Companies that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in As speeds increased with the introduction of V.

In an attempt at diversification in January it had acquired most of the assets of local area network software developer Waterloo Microsystems Inc of Waterloo, Faxmocem and belatedly entered the operating system Fasmodem market in June with LANstep, a network OS for small offices, but this was subsequently abandoned in in the face of stiff competition particularly from Novell NetWare.

Both of these items’ sales were apparently dismal. In this case it could be safely assumed that the sequence was being sent deliberately by a user, as opposed to being buried in the middle of a data stream. By the mids their modems were also based on the Rockwell chip set, and had little to distinguish themselves from other vendors.

Hayes originally had big plans for the form factor, referring to it as the Hayes Stack and intending to release a range of products that could be stacked beside the computer. Their system was introduced commercially in the SupraFAXModemwhich went on to become a runaway bestseller.

When they moved to the Smartmodemthey simply extended the set further, using the same syntax. At the time, modems generally came in two versions, one for the end-user that required the user to dial the phone manually and use an acoustic coupler for connection, and another faxmdem to answering incoming calls that was intended for use on the minicomputer or mainframe the user was calling into.


Intelligent Machines Journal In the other, command modedata forwarded from the computer were instead interpreted as commands.

Zoom Fax Modem / (Serial) – Apple Rescue of Denver

The modem market faxmodfm the s was very simple and stagnant. Box has wear and some damage, see pictures. Business picked up quickly, and in January they quit their jobs at National Data to form their own company, D. Heatherington eventually suggested the use of a well-known character sequence for this purpose, recommending AT for “attention”, which is prefixed on all commands.

This smart modem approach dramatically simplified and automated operation.

Hayes V-series Ultra 2000us 9600 Smart Modem

In Hayes effectively abandoned their Express 96 protocol in favor of v. It is flash upgradable to 56k. Guaranteed by Fri, Jan 4. I will accept returns up to 2 weeks. Although powerful, the internal modem was commercially impractical. More refinements More refinements Of course it was entirely possible that the computer would send this sequence for other reasons, for example, the sequence might be contained within a text file describing how modems worked.