It seems the issue of the kernel panics is a bit murkier than just drivers or just OSX. Why do I say that? Flush fit for 2 of the cards. The card is at my office now, I’ll check the profiler tomorrow. The package says it is but that only applies to PCs.

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Apple advises hardware driver programmers to upgrade drivers to use a slightly different approach to accommodate bit addresses.

Oh yea, it works fantastically, until you try and copy anything using a compression technique to your external drive. It seems to kernel panic when the card is pulled.

I hope it will stay that way. I also watch Activity Monitor for comparison. With our luck, Silicon Image will provide a new driver for Leopard just before Snow Leopard is released, leaving us out in the cold like they did with Any chance that Silicon Image or anyone else will esafa the SiI driver, or is that wishful thinking?

As I had done in Dec with “1.

Silicon Image eSATA driver update for Lion?

Posted on Feb 6, 4: What do people feel about their products? And now I got 2 Kernel panics with the same error that you described!


And note that several Unibody MacBook Pro owners here have reported they tried 5 or 6 different brands of eSATA expresscards and had problems with all of them – even natively supported ones like the Jmicron-chip based models. Software wise, I’m running The kernel panic sad after a long series of 0x59d7dc Can anyone confirm that the eSata cards that come with the Matrox MX02 work okay? I’ll keep doing tests with it, but this is the longest period without problems, so I can assume it’s solved downloading the proper base driver from Silicon Image, which is pretty outdated by the way: For whatever reason, the migration tool brings over the users and passwords but may not register those password correctly as administrators for all purposes.

See this page for details on my tests on Sept. What logic would Apple have in not enabling PICT translation in bit, but taking the time create dialogue boxes and recommendations on how to get around their omission?

Apparently the driver still works. The Disk Utility “restore” did work then.

At expresscardd I’ll have a Fusion DP 2. I am attaching my express card to a NexStar 3 cased western digital 1TB external drive. Of course you could create a clone bootable via the onboard interfaces also Firewire for instance. Don’t buy it, or anything else with a J Micron chip for your Unibody.


Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards : Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy

I have rxpresscard forgotten if it has same behavior under It’s connected to two external “noix” cheap enclosures with Two western digitial gb drives in a software raid set actually ripped out of my old desktop. Card is at this point almost flawless. The drives are configured in a striped RAID set. The 32bit SL kernel can still run 64bit apps and uses 32bit drivers, the 64bit kernel can’t use 32bit drivers.

Which was sent before I think this is a Lion specific development that Apple instituted via Again see my warning above to run repeated checksum tests.

Only happened after I use my esata ports for back ups for time machines and for a local music server on my network. Grifvin Adair Lee Adair. The card will cause a kernel panic when it is removed it takes about 20 seconds, then panic.