Comrades, the voices of the dead battalions, Of those who fell, that Europe might be great Join in our song, for they still march in spirit with us And urge us on that we gain the national state Chorus The streets are still, the final battle has ended Flushed with the fight, we proudly hail the dawn See over the streets, the white man’s emblem is waving Triumphant standards of a race reborn Blood of our blood, spirit of our spirit Sprang from that soil, for who’s sake they bled Against the vested powers, Red front, and massed reaction We lead the fight for freedom and for bread Hail the new dawn! She’s a warzone baby, brought up in a war, she’s a warzone baby, she’s got to know the score. We’ll stand and fight the rot Fight for the hopes we have got We will stand, we won’t run away And you will thank us on a future day. You’ve robbed the whole world’s people, taken them for fools Took their land, you’ve ruined lives and imposed your alien rules Sat back and you rubbed your hands, and you took them for a ride. Yeah do we run ’round with spears? So many lives have been wasted, scattered as dead leaves upon the ground In the cause of the freedom they had tasted, and for the liberty they found Ground beneath the heels of Red jackboots, with half of Europe ruled by the Red beast Whilst the other half were fooled ‘to thinking they were free, whilst kosher power ruled at every feast. The leader which Skrewdriver seeks is one who will be in the tradition of medieval Vikings, King Arthur and the fascist leaders of modern times.

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And what happened to the inquiry? We were the country that had everything, we were the country, Rule Britannia we would sing We were the country, and we could never lose, once a nation, and now we’re run by Jews. Saw you step out from Room Smile on your face, and a teardrop in your eye Knew you’d been sticking needles in your arm You always said that it didn’t do no harm.

No one’s ever gonna take away his land Not whilst he has the power in his hands He appears when his nation is in danger To all our enemies he’s the slayer chorus Warlord, I’ll tell you rhunder his story Warlord, riding into glory Warlord, the power’s in his hands Warlord, saviour of this land Fear no evil, whilst he is at hand He’s been the guardian since time began Protector of the people and the pride With him at our head now we shall ride to victory chorus instrumental break chorus No one messes with the people when he’s around Heed this warning enemies and get thundfr now All those traitors out there he knows who you are Battlecries are sounding warriors near and far, near and far chorus Warlord!


They may have split the flesh, but they could not split the blood And they could not split the spirit of the people Das Volk And they tried to grind you down, tried to knock you to the ground And tried to beat you with the hammer and the sickle Sichel.


I only met you once before, as ships pass in the night But now I see your SOS, it seems you left the fight I do not know your reasons, but don’t give up too soon It will not always be this way, there’s gonna be a different tune.

Quit my job and baby, I went out, and I bought my first guitar Then I started to learn a thing, ‘stead of propping up some bar, what happened? Living in a warzone, living in a hell I don’t recall the exact day that our country’s morals fell Living in a warzone, where death stands by our beds Did we ever vote for this?

But in the heart, where the fire burns forever Where life goes on, for those who fell in battle The gods are waiting, the moment he falls in the fight And he will rise, when the sun goes down. Have they got the White man on the run?

The petrol bombs are flying, the people lock their doors We’ve got to make a choice now, in the middle of a war The enemy is taking over out on the streets And we are not united, and so we face defeat – chorus Retaliate, will be our only hope Retaliate, can we ever cope Retaliate, face them on the streets Retaliate, fight against defeat – As a young man lies dying, the mob begins to cheer Older people tremble, they have never known such fear The enemy’s taking over out on the streets And we are not unite, and so we face defeat – Mr.

Marxist ideals leave a bitter taste But you didn’t close every door in your haste Freedom’s foot was jammed in the door And now you’re losing a bitter war.

Immigrants and faggots, they make no sense to me They come to our countries, and think they’ll do as they please Like skrewdrived some mini-Iran, or spread some stinking disease They talk so many Goddamned ways now, it’s all wrong to me.

Backstabber, can you hear the call? As we see, this is the essential core of the most virile opposition facing the multicultural education establishment.

The men in Whitehall sit drinking their champagne Whilst our people fight for very life itself Now we’re second class in our own countries In poverty whilst they build up their wealth While I hear it still Are you trying to mess us up now, trying to make us quit? For the men that could save us, they will need to be backed No one should sit back, and leave it to the rest And every person’s courage, will be put now to the test.

As with the communists and immigrants, Jews are shown as another part of the national problem.

If you look closely, look into our eyes You will see a look there that will, never say die We have been through too much, to give skrewdrier all in And one day though, we know not when Well I, know we will win. You tell me you aren’t in it for the wealth But you’re just there skrewdrive r the profit, yeah and nothing else chorus Oc left-wing and their minions using skrwdriver I tell you now there must be something you can do At least my self-respect remains with me ‘Cos I don’t pretend that I’m something I can’t be You have got to try and own your own life You keep yours, yeah, and I’m gonna try for mine You look around and then you realise You see so many people thundeer a different light chorus x2 I KNOW WHAT I WANT I’ve been sitting ’round here waiting for somebody’s call I hope it comes off quickly ‘fore the winter starts to fall We gotta get going quickly, and we got to come on strong I know just what I want, and I’ll get it before too long chorus I’m taking heed of Europe’s call Before the winter starts to fall I’m taking heed of Europe’s call.


Yeah I’m lyrivs on the road, there’s no closed doors I’ve got my own code yeah, I don’t need yours And if you’re willing to be told corrupt and two-faced lies Your pathetic weakness leaves me cold, I would rather die. We need a saviour, before long, must be soon before the chance is gone The great leader, from the north, a true warrior to defend the cause.

If I was a man who’d been away for twenty years or more And then I’d come back once again And I saw the changes that had happened since I’d gone Well I’d think I’d gone insane.

Met Pancho, with gpd banjo Loved whistling and drinking wine Sun was shining, sky was blue The Alps were gleaming and we all felt fine. You’ve robbed the whole world’s people, taken them for fools Took their land, you’ve ruined lives and imposed your alien rules Sat back and you rubbed your hands, and you took them for a ride.

No more tbunder, I’m almost there Gotta keep cool now, gotta take care Life’s gotta a buzz now, here I go And the line of cars goes down real slow.

Skrewdriver:God Of Thunder Lyrics

The anger against pyrics police is an accusation of corruption, but it is also an accusation of discrimination- but against the skinhead!

For far too long, we’ve let our enemies knock us to the floor No one cares to lift a hand, until the knock lyricx on their door. People seem to think if it’s in The Sun they’ve got to believe it Try to tar everybody with the same brush Remember, birds of a feather don’t always flock together these days So don’t get carried away by the sight of us.

And I don’t know just who they think they are And I don’t know just who they think they are And I don’t know just who they think they are And if they don’t watch out they’re gonna go too far. I’d like to know what it’s going to be What is the future, for you and me? Reicher Mann, armer Mann, das ist doch egal [Rich man, poor man, you are both equal] Es kostet kein Geld, es its fur jeden da [It costs not money, it’s just there].

It could be destruction, or we could be free???????????? Open up your eyes Can you see clearly?