First, let’s pull in our requisite libraries e. First, we will switch to child window pop up window then we will close it and then we will switch to the parent window. No matter how many windows or tabs I opened, “driver. The Problem Occasionally you’ll run into a link or action in the application you’re testing that will open a new window. Because based on window title or any other property, you can navigate to required window.

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java – dowHandle() method – Stack Overflow

No alert is active Could you please suggest on this? Thank you very much….

But lurking within it is a small gotcha to watch out for that will bite you in some browsers and not others. Handling Alert in Selenium Debdriver using above scenario import org.

Ram S Mohapatro September 7, at 7: This wedriver needs Sizik’s answer in addition, to be a very good answer. Charles Woodson 13 7.

Alert & Popup Window Handling in Selenium WebDriver

Mukesh Otwani November 13, at 7: First, we will switch to child window pop windwo window then we will close it and then we will switch to the parent window. Some return in the order opened, others alphabetically. Handling multiple windows in selenium webdriver using above scenario.


Step 4 Enter your email ID and submit.

To handle this, use AutoIT or robot class. See this example from http: Step 1 Launch the web browser and open the site ” http: First go through this link http: Post as a guest Name. FirefoxDriver ; import org. Handled multiple windows sebdriver Selenium WebDriver using particular scenario.

Window “mywindowID”if you know the window ID. Set ; import org.

Now let’s write a test that exercises new window functionality from an application. Hi Vinod, Do sendKeys first, after this I hope cursor will remain inside input textbox. I’m new to Selenium learning. After completion of the operation, it has to return to the main window i.

Deepthi Maddula October 27, at Hi Windoa, How to handle windows in the hwndles when initially only two are opened and on clicking some link in second window, third is opened.

Hi Ram, Role of collection i.

I appreciate your quick response. How can hand,es read a confirmation code from email and return to my Registration code window and put the confirmation code in registration selenium code? Now we automate the given below scenario. Here in this case, first get all window handles then switch to a window followed by condition like matching window title or any other element specific to intended window.


After loading the page we store the window handle in a variable e.

How To Handle Multiple Windows Using Selenium WebDriver

To handle multiple windows in Selenium WebDriver, We follow the following steps. Using switch To method we can also handle frames and alerts with easy methods. It will return you set of 3 window handles.