This activates the Dolby surround effect and lights up a thin blue LED strip in the centre of the dongle. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? We’ve been giving the headset a thoroughly good ears-on to find out. Join the conversation There are no comments about this story. Thankfully, switching it off is as easy as sliding a switch, so at least you have the option if it’s interfering with your gaming.

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Though the surround effect sometimes works well in films, games are a different story. We’ve been ma the headset a thoroughly good ears-on to find out. Plantronics GameCom 7.

By Mark Walton on October 7, at 9: Plantronics Gamecom gaming headphones These headphones have Dolby 7. I am hearing sounds in games and notes in music I’ve never heard before with any headphone or standard speakers. And the 40 mm drivers really do well in this regard.

Sound quality was excellent with a clear and punchy detail for a range of uses. There ,ac a few gammecom that I like about the s and they’ve proved themselves out in use, ie. Its specially designed, non-allergenic cushions and lightweight frame evenly distribute pressure for hours of comfortable use. These are large although light weight; the earpieces are well padded as well as the headband; They’re actually big enough to actually fit around your ears without pressing on them directly; At the same time they do allow you to hear what’s going on around you so you don’t have to take them off if someone wants to speak to you; I’ve also heard comments that they are hot, but it is not really that they produce heat, they are simply kind of like wearing earmuffs, so if you keep your thermostat set down in cold weather these will actually help keep you warm; I also really appreciate the fact that the earpieces actually do go around your ears, because I am a military veteran with compromised hearing in my left ear and I am able to actually wear my hearing aid without hindrance with these headsets, which also helps them to sound better for me.


plantronics gamecom 777 question? or anybody with dolby headset

Putting on the headset, we were impressed with how comfy it was. I use Win7 64bit and the setup was very easy.

The solid construction, comfort, and well-implemented mic and volume controls are excellent, and the audio quality is a cut above the norm. I like the feel and weight, and the cable is nice and robust. Pros Great sound for movies and games Bargain price.

Connections Show More Less. However, this does have the disadvantage of leaking some audio to the outside world, so these aren’t a great choice if you listen to your audio particularly loud and have irritable spouses or coworkers.

IN understand now that there are no real adjustments done through Windows when using the USB option, it’s all done in-game, but the instructions didn’t really tell you that, I had to find it online. Probably the best way to describe this is that it is like adding a subwoofer to your home theater or audio system. And you’ll never miss an important phone call or the doorbell while gaming. These ones do not have ear cuffs that pivot. Audio headsets, but if you want a somewhat better gamefom headset for audio, music and video these are great.

Plantronics Gamecom 780 gaming headphones

The earpieces also feature an open back design, which is intended to give audio a more natural feel. There’s plenty of bass on offer, but it’s controlled, allowing the upper mids and treble to ring clearly. The 7777 isn’t limited to just gaming. To test the headset, we set up a number of sources, including music, DVDs, and of course games. The headset’s surround sound hardware is built right into the included USB adapter, which plugs into any USB port on your PC or Mac with no additional software necessary.


I couldn’t bring myself to even plug gamdcom in. This headset is also compatible with MP3 players, CD players, and other devices that accept standard-sized 3.

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You won’t know it’s there until you’re ready to use it, and because it’s gamdcom, you won’t look like a telecom worker while you’re gaming. I have a Shure Beta 58A that I use to record now and then.

We are both very pleased with the sound quality, and although very muffled you can still hear outside noises important for parents. The loss of detail with gameecom effect enabled is a real hindrance, and unless you really crank the volume, footsteps and bullets are harder to track. See any errors on this page? In-line volume and mic-mute controls allow for easy audio adjustment.

The headset rests comfortably over your ears, while the open ear design ensures that you still know what’s going on around you.