Click here to view DevEnumerateBindings handler. Are there any open source projects or articles that explain the process better than the articles above? Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. The bit compiler will identify some data type mismatches that are overlooked by the bit compiler. Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts. The simplicity of the implementation introduces one restriction that should be noted: Ah, I see what you mean.

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We will also develop a companion Win32 application to illustrate use of the extended functions. The miniport interface is called a virtual miniport which does not control a physical device directly.

However, at this point there is no mechanism to inform the application that the adapter handle is invalid. Add a new DevRequestComplete handler, which is the request-specific handler for Wininitiated requests. There are no open issues. We are not going to develop the handle-invalidating notification mechanism in Part 1 of this series of articles.

Responding to Sets and Queries in an Intermediate Driver

If you don’t have this CD you can order a CD or download a public pre-release of this operating system from Microsoft. We simply hold the GlobalLock while we are examining the adapter list.

By monitoring the RTCP packets, we can know the traffic quality information. There are two important things to notice microsort this function:.


This the user-mode function that is used to to open a binding-specific handle to the PassThru driver. The new dispatch functions are implemented in PTExtend.

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Extending the PassThru NDIS IM Driver – Part 2

The bottom line here is that PnP can cause events that invalidate a Win32 handle to the PassThru driver after it has been successfully opened. At the same time, for a free code like this it is essential that you understand that the author does not provide any warranty whatsoever that the sample code is fit for any purpose whatsoever.

The only viable build environment for thee applications is actually the DDK build environment. Clearly this cannot be built as-is for bit Windows.

Only one adapter handle can be opened at a time on each PassThru binding. It mentions others options, e.

Later articles in this series will describe additional extensions to PassThru. The problem in Filter.

New modules and header files will be added to house code the implements new functions. Microsoft has now publicly released a Windows XP Bit preview version free for the download.

NDIS resources

It is certainly intended that you should be able to incorporate the ideas and code presented in this article into your own code. The first two errors are identical. The Win32 application needs to be notified of these events in order to handle them gracefully.


I hope that the material presented in this series of articles so far is fairly robust and of interest to at least some novice NDIS developers. If the call is successful it loops through the buffer and displays binding names on the console. The binding name buffer is an array of null-terminated Unicode strings with the end of the list being identified by an empty Unicode string.

I’m developing what is essentially a specialized firewall application.

Now that we have developed a mechanism to open a binding-specific handle on the PassThru driver it’s time to do something with it. Post as a guest Name. This project provides two Windows monitors. One of them is a Windows GUI monitor, the other is a command-line monitor.

Increment the adapter reference count. Just when you thought we had exhausted the topic of opening and closing Win32 handles to the PassThru driver we find that there is another major issue to consider.