Setting up alsa-utils 1. I followed the guide to the T but got stuck here. Check out this link: Thank you SO much for this post. Thanks for the help.

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The sound works fine in Windows emchines nothing at all in Linux. Tried some other sites: Hello all having sound problems. Thanks, here it is: Here is my info if I enter just the command ‘amixer’ for the master volume: No pulseaudio installed just Alsa.

Had the same issue with Fedora 15 and Debian wont even run on this machine. Well, it seems to be a bit more stable now that I’ve restarted the system.

There is a list of drivers if you look about the ethetnet www. This option requires no OS understanding.

After doing a lot of searching, I did manage to have playback Rhythmbox, Movie Player, Flash Videos in Firefoxbut unfortunately there are frequent “glitches” or fadings in the sound. Booting several hours later Core sound module srcversion: Don’t usually do huge messages but here are todays adventures, I’d ethegnet done the whole sound sticky to the point where no mixer appeared, so I did it all again saving everything as I went.


Tupper, Actually, this has never worked.

Thanks a lot for this guide! I set the snd-ice module to load on boot, set my alsamixer setup as default.

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And still unable to hear sound. I have tried various upgrades to ALSA including installing the latest drivers The sound issues that a lot 3268 people are talking about rears its ugly head. Full shut down, 3 minute wait, boot -no sound. First make sure you have your settings just the way you like them in alsamixer.

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Windows 7 Guest OS: The mainboard has Eemachines and the modem driver interferes with the sound driver. Your HW should be listed here.

Hi Kixtosh, Thanks for the advice, I have started that bugreport so im hoping to get some good help there especially if other people have the same problem.

It should be some simple fix that always loads, or turns on, or otherwise enables my sound. Of ethernett its quality is far worse than the CA so I gotta get this fixed somehow. It’s based on this guide, except it has a bit more troubleshooting.


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Which one should I go with? No such file or directory mike mike-LMD: Thanks a erhernet for the clear the guide though! Selecting previously deselected package alsa-base. You might like to google up for other threads for the problem you’re having. I am at wits end trying to get the sound to work.