Don’t have an account? Insert the connector that is attached to the serial port cable to the 9-pin connector then install the serial port bracket to an available bracket slot at the rear of the system chassis. Page 73 Hardware Installation 7. To use this function: The monitor has lost its vertical sync.

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Set this field to Enabled. The following will appear.

EXE to a floppy disk. Page 70 Hardware Installation Removing the Jumper Caps The steps below will guide you on how to use the provided jumper cap clipper.

Verify that the attached serial device works by attaching it to a serial port that is working and configured correctly.

Dual Xpress Graphics Hardware Installation 9. In addition, the BIOS also contains codes for various advanced features found in this system board. Page Supported Software 9.

Treat the hard drives’ cables with extreme caution especially while creating RAID. Make sure to connect the cable connector to the IrDA connector according to their pin functions.

DFI LANParty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert Motherboard Review –

Using the SLI bridge to connect two sli-dd graphics cards will provide extreme performance allowing you to enjoy games with lannparty most visual effects and the most graphics demanding multimedia utilities.


Although this function is supported, we do not recommend that you use a higher voltage because unstable current may be supplied to the system board causing damage. The default is Enabled. Page 71 Hardware Installation This will easily remove the jumper cap. It performs a thorough inspection of the data packets that flow in and out of your network connection and only allows good packets to pass through the firewall.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Your version may not be identical to this one.

Hook the other side of the retention clip the one near the retention lever so that the holes on the retention clip also fit into the retaining tabs of the retention module base. If the system is configured with two hard drives, make sure the bootable first hard drive is configured as Master and the sec- ond hard drive is configured as Slave. The DRAM voltage as originally supported by the spec is up to 2.

If the serial device does not work, either the cable or the serial device has a problem.

This will prevent the memory speed from running faster than this frequency. Page 2 Copyright This publication contains information that is protected by copyright.

DFI LANParty Venus nF4 SLI-DR Expert Motherboard

Handle the clipper as shown in the illustration below. Copyright This publication contains information that is protected by copyright. Move away any objects, such as another monitor or fan, that may be creating a magnetic field around the display. The following screen will appear. Hardware Installation To install: The screen above list all the fields available in the Advanced BIOS Features submenu, for ease of reference in this manual.


SLI Mode On: Hook Arm of the clipper Hook Position the clipper above the jumper cap. Reset Switch This switch allows you to reboot without having to power off the system thus prolonging the life of the power supply or system.

DFI LANParty Venus nF4 SLI-DR Expert Motherboard – Hardware Secrets

Safe boot Default JP1 is used to safely reboot the system whenever the system hangs and you are unable to restart the system. The modifications you have made lwnparty be written into the CMOS memory, and the system will reboot. Page 62 Hardware Installation The system board requires a minimum of Watt power supply to operate.