Raven , Oct 22, The problems seem to be solved for upstream and probably for Hardy but Gutsy would not have at this time a solution but a workaround. Visually Addons sudo apt-get install sensors-applet Add it to your panel and adjust it according to your needs. I have a inspiron that came with Vista and I am trying to load XP on it. InstallingUbuntuOnADellVostro Introduction The company i work for, recently bought some Dell Vostro for our technical staff, and luckily i was allowed to do some tests on them for this wiki.

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Inspiron 1720 XP Drivers

For Internet access during install you can use the Wireless or the Wired card, you only have to make sure with the wireless that you’re connected to the access point.

Please check the voatro report to find out if your system is affected, it seems to be directly related to your Hard Disk Drive Model and FIRMWARE revision so you can check if your hard drive has a firmware update pending to solve the issue. Take into account that the Wireless connectivity after suspend or hibernate would take a few moments to start over again.

There are several bug reports about this, and there are multiple problems also.

Also you wouldn’t have the chance to adjust your partitioning schema as is by factory default’s I don’t like it very much, but it’s minded for a general audience so probably is the simplest one. Hey All, thanks for all the great info. votsro


For Hdd monitoring apt-get install hddtemp I choose to let the daemon running. Gutsy by default uses the ipw driver.

If you push it back after power off the laptop rell seems to solve or restore the previous partition. As soon as it’s finished you’ll want to solve the Wireless and Hard Disk Drive issues.

So download the hdparm. Sadly the partitioning scheme was really awful, there was 3 primary partitions Dell Utility, OS for Vista, Recovery for the Factory Image and a tiny extended partition for Media Center.

In order to install it go to Dell’s wiki http: Merudo Dec 14, As I’ve previously used the Inspiron n fixes for my Vostro https: Your name or email address: However there’s another problem with no sound after standby mode. About Dell Vostro The specs for the laptop are: Restart your system and you’ll be ready to go. This file fixed that.

InstallingUbuntuOnADellVostro – Ubuntu Wiki

You’ll know that you have this issue if you hear clicks in your hard drive from time to time. On a side note i was pretty amazed with the capabilities of Gparted it really worked really well.

Besides all my effort to repartitioning the drive with a sane scheme without losing the system i was forced at the end to wipe out the system and install Ubuntu alone.


Installing Ubuntu Gutsy 7.

The problems seem to be solved for upstream and probably for Hardy but Gutsy would not have at this time a solution but a workaround. Replace the ipw with the iwl driver. Then run the setup file in the directory. What i know at this point is that you must vsotro gnome-vfs-obexftp in order to transfer files.

There are other monitoring software available that probably could take this info and show it graphically, i choose this one, you’re free to check others. EXE this device might be picked up by Windows update LCD Backlight Fuse on the mobo?

Also another depl is that the iwl driver doesn’t light up the wifi led with the gutsy version.

I haven’t confirmed yet the throughput issue nor found a workaround for it. Log in or Sign up. Solve the iwl issues Suspend issue caused by an incomplete rename of the interface: Finally ordered my new SSD’s and battery.