While resident in the printer itself, these intelligent forms are capable of parsing, formatting and conditionally displaying images from simple ASCII data stream. The Price to Pay for Getting Higher Response Rates The report recommends that variable-data marketing efforts be undertaken as a tool within a customer relationship management program CRM: About the size of a cellular telephone, the camera weighs six ounces. Consumables The C uses four flat, rectangular-shaped toner cartridges. The PerfectFinish fluid, a formulation developed by Lexmark, is dispensed from a bottle installed in the back of the printer. The NUR Fresco can print on a variety of media, including PVC banner material, blueback paper, canvas, and cotton fabric, at speeds up to square feet per hour.

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Like the Phaserthe DocuColor can print 6 ppm in color and 26 ppm in monochrome, and can accommodate paper as large as 13″ by 18″. The principal problem continued on page 10 Page 9 Color Business Report the software addresses is differences in the appearance of prints of the same image file made with different software packages.

This eliminates the risk that prints will be marred by errant ink droplets. We should leave open the possibility that HP will sell its new Indigo-based product into the office environment, as well. The ticket we have included for subscribers printed on roll-fed Bristol 94 colorbrafx.

Xerox ColorgrafX X2 Quick Ink Light Cyan 500ml

PlanetFax is fast and simple to use. Network Printing Solutions, Ltd. Velocity Scan, Velocity Build, and Velocity Estimate are slated for availability during the second quarter of Errors and Omissions Lexmark C The Photo-e-Print ProLab will be targeted at professional photo labs.


It has the same print speed as the ProLab, but delivers cut, stacked, and collated 4″ by 6″ prints.

Since one controls inbound orders and telephone inquiries by controlling outbound mail, orders will come in at a steady rate rather than being compressed in a single time period. The system can also be configured to split print jobs that have color and monochrome pages, distributing them to color and monochrome copiers.

Thus a portion of the training is dedicated to making sure that customers are familiar with maintenance procedures. The DCP Dx is designed as an entry-level unit for printers who want to break into the digital color printing market.

Page 8 March Color Business Report of banding, and that have smoother grey tones. NUR Salsa Ultima printers are available in four carriage widths. Patent Office that the company has received a patent for a coating apparatus for use in ink jet printers. It offers simultaneous multiple document and colorgratx viewing with convenient drag and drop, image editing, conversion. If one looks for return on marketing investment when making a marketing decision, linking one-to-one marketing techniques to broader deployment of a customer relationship management program may act as deterrent to adoption of variable-data marketing.

Xerox ColorgrafX X2 Color Inkjet Printer

Nonetheless, discovering the limits of the Digital Carte Master Color co,orgrafx at a time has been daunting enough to have caused the printer to give up. The decision, in such cases, often is to extend the pilot effort to a reachable population with the same characteristics.

Ideal for commercial reprographics firms and corporate in-house product environments, with requirements for high print quality, quick turnaround, and short-run production solutions. Input paper capacity on the C is sheets, fed by a sheet paper tray or a sheet manual feed. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.


The Photo-e-Print MetroLab is designed for installation at retail outlets. The J offers laser-like performance, thanks to fast print speeds, a paper preparation collorgrafx that prevents ink bleed, and a higher paper capacity.

Those who decide that faster speed is necessary can opt for a software upgrade to the DCP Dx, allowing it to print of ppm. In addition, according to Epson, the wider colorspace capabilities of many digital cameras is thwarted by capturing images optimized for monitor gamuts, rather than printer gamuts. This is a product for a press room, not an office. Features 3X optical zoom, 2X digital zoom, and 1.

It will be marketed and distributed by Xerox. Integrates a dpi sensor to allow faster scanning at lower resolutions.

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The JASPrint Solutions suite of software applications permits printer auditing, cost recovery, and access control of printers. Extras Manufacturers Product comparison. However, we were able to learn from the U.

Much has been made of how digital technology changes the economics of pre-press prep work, making short runs possible.