Either find on ebay: After some tinkering, I have find out that the part circled in red is where I can put the 5v wire. Wed Oct 14, 8: I now went ahead with some further test and halp from Stackexchange tbh and am at the point where I’d need some comparison values: On the height pin chip below the inductor is printed this: Anyone care to measure their current consumption at 12v before I get another display to tinker with?

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The destructive way usv to cut off all eight pins with a front end cutter, like this: So did the voltage regulator’s input pin and its output pin I’m guessing?

” Screen powered by 5v instead of 12v – Raspberry Pi Forums

Hi, thanks for your uzb. Tue Jan 12, 2: Tue Nov 17, 6: However, if you really want 5v, there is an easy way. I attached an image of the chip and the voltage readings that I get from the different pins.


If you haven’t destroyed the board by applying power to random parts of it you could probably adapt it to 5V. I have tried to simply put 5v instead of 12v by the normal way on the red wire in the bottom right but it simply does nothing.

Tried of few things, none on them worked.

CASIO USB Driver V1.2.2474.0623

So where do I connect the red wire so it work in 5v? Like just solder to a pin or something?

I tried a few things from reading chmcc post. But I do not know where I can find this? I will try your answers.

50PCS Original D6650 CHMC DIP8L Intergrated Circuit (IC) Free Shipping

Thu Oct 08, 8: I do not know the name of this. I now went ahead with some further test and halp from Stackexchange tbh and am at the point where I’d need some comparison values: Thank you for your answers.

But the display does not work when the output pin is 3. Sun Dec 20, 8: That means I’m guessing 3. So, do you think I need to weld the red wire to this part?


Mon Oct 19, 2: See pictures for my monitors PCB open in new tab for bigger pic: Tue Jan 12, 8: Thu Oct 08, 6: Anyway, you just answered your own question. MauroG, with that hcmc and the wiring suggested, do you have to remove the chip at all?

CASIO USB Driver V – Should I Remove It?

Here are pictures of the screen’s Right, so I’ve come a step further again. Interesting that you didn’t have to modify it.

Thu Oct 08, 5: Fri Jan 01, 3: Sun Jan 10, 9: This is somehow the difference between a perfect screen and a bad flickering one. You cgmc probably feed 5V to pin 2, without feeding 12V to pin 1, but I’m not certain, its probably safer to remove the XL