Screws on nails can be used to attached the device through the wall point ears to a wall, table or any firm flat surface. Approvals Microsoft Signed Drivers. Actually took quite a lot of searching to even find the Brainboxes card since I needed one that supported both Windows 7, and Windows 7 Thanks again for your help. What is a FIFO? Colin Young, Nutek Europe.

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If this isn’t it, then there’s something wrong with the COM connections between the device and the PC. It is the best adapter we have found as it fully supports all 9 pins and seria, compatible drivers for windows through to Windows 7 64 bit meaning one solution can be used with all of our machines.

Colin Young, Nutek Europe.

How do I create braainboxes loop back connector? Add to Cart Prev Close Next. We have recommended your product to all of the automa. USB is the worlds most popular interconnection standard with over 3Billion devices shipped last year. Download Product Summary Guide. IP rated rugged, high strength, metal case protects the device in any environment from industrial to office based.

Serial PCMCIA Card – Brainboxes – Industrial Ethernet IO and Serial

How to use Hyperterminal to test serial cards View Answer. What is a UART? So I bought one from Buy.


The DIN rails are an optional accessory. Unlike many other converters that can be hit-and-miss we are yet to find a device your converter will not work with. I have had a lot of problems trying to get my EXFO fiber optic test equipment to communicate with my windows 7 laptop.

Lifetime warranty and support. Brainboxes US installed in seconds and could communicate with anything I threw at it, I would recommend this device to anyone.

Some break easily, others only work some of the time. How do I control a serial port using PHP? How far will RS communicate?

seria, Our solutions give you simple, reliable communication and control of your equipment globally. Well I must admit to being sceptical, as we only ever found 1 [other] device that worked [reliably] and I had to leave that on a project and have never found another since. USB is a widely accepted PC user interface standard. Our advanced design and manufacturing techniques have been recognised by the Manufacturing Institutes “Manufacturer of the Year Award ” and prestigious European Electronics Industry Awards, “Manufacturer of the Year “.

How do I test my Brainboxes card to make sure its working?

Are you by any chance using a relatively cheap USB serial port adapter? Exfo’s technical guys have struggled to find a soloution. Industrial Ethernet Switches Ethernet Switches: Thanks again for your help. I find their products very reliable and their support team are very helpful.


What is the difference between RS communication and RS communication? In a laboratory or industrial setting many people want the USB connectivity convenience but also want high seiral devices and connections. Solutions Led We work with you to find the perfect fit solution that maximises your productivity.

Serial PCMCIA Card

It is the best adapter we have found as it fully supports all 9 brainboces and has compatible drivers for windows through to Windows 7 64 bit meaning one solution can be used with all of our machines.

Bralnboxes to Serial Servers: Exceptional quality and reliability from Lean Six Sigma manufacturing processes have enabled Brainboxes to offer customers a lifetime warranty and free technical support for all serial and data acquisition products. Which power connector is used for the US, ?