In that way, MIDI CC changes are persistent, and so if you use the BCR to get to a sound that you like – that sound will actually be represented by a stored patch, can be saved, and will persist across a power cycle. I find the eight-channel mapping to be a lot more intuitive, especially on stage. It offers quite a lot of flexibility of programming – in terms of what the elements on the control surface manipulate, and how the encoder rings display data, and the resolution of the knobs. I’m happy with both control surfaces, but I hope Mac support improves. I could also update firmware and send new presets this way. For the sake of this discussion and the resulting example.

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It makes no sense. Changed midi settings in Live, now it does send parameter updates to the BCR. Likes Followers Subscribers Followers. The BCR rotary box has twenty-four rotary knobs instead of faders and is otherwise identical to mid fader box. These text files can make editing faster when compared to using the graphics user interface of the program by allowing direct access to parameters, text strings and the like.

Behringer BCR Rotary Knob USB Midi Controller | eBay

As I suspected, it’s a dream come true! This is NOT acceptable. The answer might surprise you. By Kent Barton On Nov 27, The communication mode of the BCR is set as a global setting in the unit. Classic DJ Weapons of Yore: Dunno, I’m still stuck at work and can’t check my settings.


I assigned 28 of the 32 rotary knobs, and all 16 of the assignable buttons to different parameters of the Reaktor goBox ensemble, and it rocked the computer harder than it’s been rocked before. After no success getting Cubase SX3 to talk with the fader box in generic controller and Mackie mode, I trolled the forums and found that the Mackie HUI emulation was working for other users.

This will be set via:.

However, this can be fixed by following these steps. For the money, nothing comes close for features.

I’m happy with both control surfaces, but I hope Mac support improves. Then in a panic, I did a windows xp home device manager Update Driver, and let windows search for the driver itself. Miei Feb 25, 6: I found myself not thinking twice about using it as a transport.

How about more intuitively controlling your synth or MIDI expander? For a DJ-centric approach, programs like Traktor and Serrato can be mapped to get the job done check out the DJTT forums for more resources; this post has specialized Traktor mappings. There are also emulation modes for the more widely supported Mackie controllers.


This could be a problem if you want to perform super-fast knob tweaks. So is the BCR still a smart buy despite its age? After a lot of configuring I held in my hands a box of blinking buttons -each light If a knob has an LED on, then that knob is active.

Mon Nov 28, 2: It worked like a charm once I realized that the unit must be powered on when SX3 is launched otherwise it’s crash city!!! If the desire is to use the bidirectional communications offered by the editing programs, then a uzb similar to the following can be used:.


This mudi for a more involved live performance — more fun for you, and more entertaining for the crowd. Previous topic Next topic. To have the BCR show the current settings do one of the following: The data provided here is only intended to be one possible configuration – which might be used as a starting point.