This frequency should be KHz or better said, should not exceed a quarter of the chip oscillator frequency. You will now see the first step of the wizard. From reading the user guide Quote. This device driver is installed when you install AVR Studio. If using Windows Vista bit or Windows 7 bit, you may need to download signed drivers from http: You need to install a filter driver for your programmer.

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Please register, and get one. It can be found at www.

You will then be asked to store the installation configuration. What is the history of the ISP programmer? I tried it again, this time with the atmegap from my arduino, windwos once again it failed.

AVRISP mkII not detected in Atmel Studio 6.2 in Window10

I even tested multiple ATtinys so it’s very unlikely that they’re all duds. The ISP clock is dropped to khz and I’ve tried lower too.

Most of the time this caused sporadic errors and after replacing the cable, it worked again without problems. Always check the state of this LED before connecting a board.


ZeptoProg II USB AVRISP mkII compatible Programmer and Multitool ( AVR ISP / XMEGA PDI / TPI )

If your device is not shown then click Back and make sure it is connected properly before clicking Next again. I know this is ancient thread, but i had to register just to thank you for this post. Once saved you will see a summary. This device driver is installed when you install AVR Studio.

The product described in this document is subject to continuous development and improvements. At these speeds and higher, choose a baud rate that the 8MHz cpu clock can be divided down to ie: For the arduino the following avf are needed: Target boards operating at 2V to 5.

This option requires no OS understanding. Well those files are what you have just created in step 11 above. These files are required to install the device. Quick Overview Updated July 17, Linux does not require a download.

I really hope this helps out other osp and saves you all the headaches I had to go through to get this thing working.

How to configure the Atmel AVRISP MKii to work with Arduino IDE

When you do not get this window but you return to the connection window, it means your programmer is not working. There are several possible problems. The serial bridge is configured in the configuration tab of the application.


A jumper can be installed to provide 5V through a polyfuse to the target board. When Windows does not complain it will use a driver already available on your PC. I borowed avr isp mk2, followed your instructions, burned new bootloader and now it works. Please provide more instruction on how to get over this idp bit hurdle.

In the windows device manager, you can find this info: Thank you for your interest in this question. See documentation for more information including licenses.

The triangle will point you to PIN 1, and thereafter you can make out the orientation of all the other pins. How to replace the Jungo USB drivers: Avrisp Mkii Download Stats: