Top 10 scanners 1. The scan settings for the selected button. A special sensor that can detect when two or more pages are stuck together and going through the scanner at the same time. Not only is the AV series fast, it’s also more reliable, with a 3, recommended daily duty cycle compared to the standard of 2, of the AV series. Close Click the Close button to leave the Scanner Properties dialog box. Adjust your scan image brightness or darkness.

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Scan mixed size documents with one single unit. Disposal of Waste Equipment by Users in Private Union This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that the product can not be disposed of with your other household waste. Drag your mouse pointer on the top or the bottom of the detection a210d2 to specify your area in the display window.

Has a Skip Blank Page function? The Button Properties window appears.

Avision AV210D2+ vs Kodak i3200

Align the two sides of the document with the slide guides. Page 91 Installing the Button Manager is easy.

For example, if you want to scan with button 4, which open Microsoft Paint and display the scanned image in the main window of Microsoft Paint, the LED screen should show 4. In addition to the black and white display, Halftone can present a somehow gray shade of image by using different size of dots. Can scan your business cards and organize it into a digital file. This preview image lets you allocate your scan area. Choose the profile you want to rename from the dropdown list box and then click the Rename button.


Scan speeds of the AV series start from 30 pages per minute all the way up to a blazing 60 pages per minute or images per minute — documents scanned in seconds!

Page 77 Despeckle Occasionally small dots or specks appear in the background of a scanned image.

Avision AVD2+ (FFH) User Manual | pages

Dither and Error Diffusion. Duplex scanning means scanning both sides of a page at once. Is a card scanner? Used to scan a single page. None, US Letter- 8. In addition, it helps av21d2 complete your scan at a rated speed. Choose your desired file format from the File Format drop down list box. Despeckle Occasionally small dots or specks appear in the background of a scanned image.

This value is increased sequentially by the scanner. Scan After all the scan settings are satisfactory, click the Scan button to start scanning your ac210d2. This is applied to double-sided document which are viewed in portrait are sometime fed into the scanner in landscape or vice versa. The Additional Length Detection is best used when scanning samesize documents in the auto document feeder.


With this tool, av210v2 can perform simple scans and view the captured images. How much power the device consumes when it’s switched on.

10ft Avision AV AV210D2 Plus USB A to USB B Scanner cable Scanning cord

Completing Your First Scan 3. The following procedure describes how to verify your scanner installation. For ordering the pad module, please consult your nearest dealer and follow the procedure below to replace it.

When you perform next scanning, this pattern of multi-feed will be bypassed. To delete a profile, 1. Has a duplex scanning feature? Used for black-andwhite and other high contrast documents.

Select image type from the Image Selection box.