Let’s put it this way Also, when viewing videos and playing music, they play very fast. And searched in Synaptic for “non-Ubuntu- distribution” and nothing found. On Fri, Dec 4, at 2: I am almost completely convinced that something went wrong with pulseaudio.

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I upgraded ALSA with the help of this post http: Comment on this change optional. With video files just the same problem.

Now my sound works fine. Did you ever had difficulties with installing packages? Updating system changed nothing concerning my sound trouble.

Asks searched in Synaptic for “non-Ubuntu- distribution” and nothing found. Compiled on Nov 17 for kernel 2.

Asus A7U laptop sound card drivers

I can’t control my volume in ubuntu using system- preferences- sound. Please verify that you did not compile and install a non-Ubuntu- distribution alsa-utils. Playback [off] slicks slicks- laptop: I launched timer on mobile phone and launched audio file, after 8 seconds ubuntu 9. No sound at all from Asus A7U Bug reported by slicks on Generic Si 5 lspci grep Audio I suggest that just something gone wrong with pulseaudio may be,because when i tried to configure sound in my asus i deleted pulseaudio and then re-installed it again.


[ubuntu] No sound on ASUS A7U

Could you check to see which sound architecture is being used in winecfg? Playback [off] After all this manipulations i can hear something,it sounds like when i turn on and turn off speakers,something like this. And my laptop isn’t very good for linux. This bug affects 1 person.

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. May be i’ll try to re-install Ubuntu this weekend? No sound at all from Asus A7U I believe wine and virtualbox directly access the alsa drivers instead of using pulseaudio.

Sound Cards | ASUS Singapore

I use rhythmbox and movie player. I use standard Movie Player for.

WeatherGod, In FireFox i have sound too,while playing files. No sound at all from Asus A7U 6. So, amixer shows such info: Where did you get instructions on removing and installing pulseaudio?

I can’t say the exact url now,somewhere on forums. But only system sounds play and from kopete. My laptop is Asus A7u.


On Fri, Dec 4, at 2: I’ve installed Wine and while executing games on wine i have sound. Are they behaving poorly as well? Note that you may have to unmute devices after the reboot as well. I updated system and installed hda-verb.