I’m a PC ”tweaker” and early adopter of all things laptop You are reporting the following post: April 30th, at 3: May 23rd, at 4: If folk want to worry then I write what I can to assuage the fear but some can’t go with what works. Luckily, I have no freezing problems.

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On my next call they said that my hardware is fine and its my operating system thats causing the problem. Hello Friends, I have bought acer aspire g aspier in December But now I have an even worse problem the laptop heats up so much when I attempt to play a game such as dead space or mass effect that it shuts down after about 10 – 15 mins of playing!!!! May 29th, at 8: Hi Guys, it’s been a while since I last posted. Just check out these photos and a short video of our hands on time.

Up Close With the Aspire Gemstone Blue (Acer Aspire 8920 Series)

D I am at work, in a few hours I’ll get home and check out that software. If anyone else has any ideas please post here. Where is my D drive? Other than those first problems, I have been very happy with this laptop. Its not worth taking the risk to get it as you might get the faulty one. March 3rd, at 5: Also, I make sure that I never buy anything from acer anymore.


C’mon you people, isn’t that obvious? Xspire topics include hardware component and upgrades, ultrabooksgaming laptops, Netbooksand laptops accessories and much more.

But one thing is bothering me. I have had an G since last June. Like almost every help desk I have ever called except NetGearthey are useless. I finally get back, turn it on to surf the net The screen is all weird and red. It says on machine that has a bluetooth device. Second time I think I was without it for only 3 days.

The best instruction I have are from my driver download -they look like an illustrated step by step to integrate it into an os install, but all the text which I can translate and screenshots which I can’t are in Russian!!!! It worked great for awhile, and I don’t actually have the same x; issues other people seem to have. October 3rd, at 4: Right now it doesn’t really matter if I have to reinstall xp and do another method, but I think I’d need to find a friend to help me.



So I sent it back again and they replaced the hard drive and the FBRS might have the acronym wrong, can find out if important. After doing so I have encountered neither of the above errors with the exception of the sound which appears to be even worse now I need a little more help from you if you don’t mind. Send it back until you get what you deserve: OEM Can anyone make sense of this for me and advise me as to how to perform this procedure? Hey, I have the gemstone and I have the frozen volume touch pad.

If this was common, where is the ???

Up Close With the Aspire Gemstone Blue (Acer Aspire Series)

Can you please find out the correct acronym, is it 8290 FBRS or something else. Another poster ‘Jimself’ also mentioned the same thing. May 23rd, at 4: Proffitt Forum moderator April 18, 6: