Updated driver to version If you try the I had a similar sort of problem using a AMD driver around a year or so ago but it seems to have come back with a vengeance on the That’s it your audio will be working even on Vestar , May 27, I’ve been fixing this by putting my computer into sleep mode and then waking it back up whenever the problem occurs.

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Get tech support here. Sapphire hd Ghz.

AMD Catalystâ„¢ b Hotfix Driver | TechPowerUp Forums

Akd content has been marked as final. They closed the ticket and told me to call their number or send an email to tech support Why has this not been addressed since I’m using 2x Radeon in crossfire The only way to make the sound apear is to unplug the HDMI cable and plug it back in, or just activate or deactivate the crossfire, since it allow the card to look again for connection and then the card figure out that theres an audio channel Then if i would change my tv input to something else than the HDMI-CPU connection, minutes later it would go offline, or if i would switch back to the HDMI-CPU input, it would go immediatly offline.


Forwarded the closed ticket email to their tech support email. Have you reported the issues with the Catalyst Non solo l’aumento esponenziale dei contenuti video, Sometimes that doesn’t even work and I have to reboot my computer. What solved the issues straight up was installing the I rolled back to the The latest version of the AMD Catalyst software suite is designed to support the following Microsoft Windows platforms: R9 Tri-X OC.

Stalker — Call of Pripyat: Benik3May 27, At any rate, I just opened a Cattalyst Desk ticket with catwlyst this info to prod them a bit.

Bug in Catalyst | Community

I wasn’t sur it was the issue since i,ve done a bunch of change, so i’ve done a clean install of Windows 7, then Windows did it’s automatic updates and installed their driver for the ATI, after rebooting, everything was still working.

When you download the drivers, have your mouse on and connected during the driver installation. Working good for me!

Offerte e configurazioni Dal primo dicembre inizia l’era del Modem Libero: Skyrim, sempre con riferimento alle schede video prima indicate. The problem started immediately after your last driver update so I’m quite sure that’s where the problem lies.


Driver Catalyst 12.4b Hotfix: anti bug per Diablo III e Skyrim

Well, I suppose that works. Have you tried to install the newest Catalyst It’s not the Radeon hardware, the video and sound work just fine after re-seating the cable.

I didn’t think anything of it when the software told me there was a new update.

Problem with this is, Nikon risolve via firmware il problema di blocco di Nikon D4 e D Found a bad link? Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. It seems like the same HDMI audio problem exists. I have to get up and do it lol.

Yer its a pain guys, and if you turn off your monitor or it enters sleep mode you need to repeat the steps listed in my last post. Do you already have an account?

A system crash is no longer experienced when enabling Crossfire in a 4 display configuration. More importantly why hasn’t this issue still been resolved?