Had a bunch of optional updates of about 53 and left them alone. Post edited and enjoy your vacation. In windows i always get slow performace We need some serious help from Asus please listen us: I have tried all the fixes mentioned in this thread but none of them work. The same event appears every time the pc boots. Of course I have only just started and need to find my way around the desktop but I do find the Metro side of it gets in the way.

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ACPI Driver help – Windows 7 Help Forums

You also state you have the latest Bios update, So how did you update?. Maybe a glich in Win update.

I have my drives spread instapl the two sata controllers and can confirm it is not the controller. Formatted the drive and used the drivers off the cd that came with the board and same issue. I don’t have AI Suite installed. System is stable, but why i got this error??? After you restart your computer you should not see this error again.


Really could use your opinion on this – Am I infected? What do I do?

accpi The embedded controller EC returned data when none was requested. That’s the reality of coding modern complex operating systems.

IF it were me and I knew now what the driver was, I would just tell Win Update to leave me the heck alone about ‘that’ driver and move on about other business. I get the third of the errors in the OP on a clean windows 8.

Really could use your opinion on this

The embedded controller EC did not respond within the specified timeout period. I have booxter the problem solution Cant uninstall or install AI Suite I was getting “”you must reboot this system to complete a previous installation. I have filed the same errors as everyone else. I don’t remember now as i have it uninstalled and disabled in the device manager. ATK stands for AsusTek. I looked on the Asus site and couldn’t find a newer version.

The OS overhears it, though, and kicks up the warning. We have reported issues with ACPI errors occurring with our motherboards.

My BIOS is the latest Then I opened DM and right clicked on “! This is really annoying. Device Manager is clean Marked as answer by d r h Saturday, November 19, 9: Reading the news on The Guru of 3D yes thank you and seen Intel updated there chipset driver basically a.


It’s working and found almost all the hardware except one: However if you are not using the Asus AI Suite, you do n0t need the driver at all. But ACPI errors are still present. Is there any work done to fix this from Failsd side?

Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. I just did a clean install 4th one in as many months and have an “Unknown Device” that keeps reappearing after every re-boot when I uninstall it. Also try searching for posts relating to your issue, you may get Lucky.

I have a couple of questions: Glad it is sorted and thanks for putting solved in your thread title. Zentrope, thanks for the info.