Turn off the power to the system and all peripherals. Reads and writes CD-RW discs 6. If you lose your password, there is no method to reset it except by reformatting your notebook or taking your notebook to an Acer Customer Service Center. Keyboard System board Touchpad does not work. If you cannot find a symptom or an error in this list and the problem remains, see “Undetermined Problems” on page

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Copy the flash utilities to the bootable diskette. If you forget your password, you may have to return your bluetootu computer to your dealer to reset it. Remove the screw fastening the ODD from the bottom of the notebook.

Removing the Bluetooth Module – Acer Aspire G

System saves all system states and data onto the disc prior to power off bluetootn whole system. Right-click on the Empowering Technology toolbar and select “Password Setup” to do so.

571g0 service actions are necessary if the pointer movement stops in a short period of time. Detach the button board with FFC from the upper case as shown.


Do not replace a non-defective FRU: If you lose both passwords, there will be no way to decrypt your encrypted file!

The touchpad is sensitive vluetooth finger movements; hence, the lighter the touch, the better the response. Do the following to select the test device: Security and safety concerns mean that Acer eNet Management does not store username and password information.

Use a flat screwdriver to release the CPU lock Turn counter clock-wire 6. Conventions The following conventions are used in this manual: Type a password in the Enter New Password field. To activate Acer eLock Management, a password must be set first.

Floppy disk drives – 3. Intel V Serial Number: Make sure that the DIMM is fully installed into the connector. See “Save to Disk S4 ” on page Your computer is already properly configured and optimized, and you do not need to run this utility. Remove the two screws fastening the right speaker, then lift aver out from the lower case.


Acer Aspire 5710 Bluetooth Drivers

Remove the four screws fastening the right LCD bracket and detach it. The Set Supervisor Password box appears: If the error still remains: Open a text editor or word processor.

Changing a Password 1. Disassembling the ODD Module 1. Indicators The computer has several easy-to-read status indicators.

Download Drivers and Manuals | Acer Official Site

Reads standard CD-DA 4. User-created backups are stored on Acef System Check” on page Bootable devices includes the diskette drive in module bay, the onboard hard disk drive, and the CD-ROM in module bay. Please record and keep it in a secure place: Turn off the power to the system and all peripherals.